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Christopher Camilleri was born on 2nd October, 1979 and lives in Xaghra, Gozo. Christopher comes from a highly artistic family who have worked all their life off the golden local natural resource of Globogerina Limestone. Christopher is the grandson of the late Anthony Camilleri, a sculptor genius who has carved marvelous large pieces of art one of which is most of the interior of the magnificent Xewkija, Church otherwise known as the 'Rotunda'. The late Anthony Camilleri has passed on this art and skill of sculpting to his four sons Joseph, Kristino, John and Emanuel all of which have worked with stone throughout their life. Christopher is the only grandson in the Camilleri family who has pursued such arts through his brilliant the late father Kristino. Christopher has discovered his artistic gift while helping out his father at the age of 15 years. From then onwards he has worked consistently on soft stone to do various interior decorations as well with his brother Johnny. Camilleri's skill is portrayed in the genuine stone decor which he has been producing for the last 12 years. The soft globigerina limestone of Gozo, which has been formed some 25 million years ago, is a perfect medium to support his working technique, using traditional tools passed on from his father and grandfather.